Just What is the BlackberryBush Course?

The BlackberryBush Course is a collection of three 8-Week “Semesters” designed to serve the envangelism needs of churches. The course does so by presenting video vignettes on various Christian topics, then giving course guests plenty of space to discuss what’s on their minds.

Like other evangelism course with similar formats, God works mightily during the times for group discussion. As guests “talk out their faith”, many have experiences of clarification and revelation. The outcome: adult baptisms & discipleship for many of the churches that have run the course.

When you run The BlackberryBush Course, you’ll invite guests who are curious about the faith or want to join a group like this. You’ll organize them into tables of up to 8. Each table will have a leader, or a Guide, who get premium training through this site. For more, learn how it works.

Our team, led by content creator David Housholder, includes ministers, lay leaders, and techies, all of whom share a passion for sharing the gospel with those outside the church.

David Housholder

davidDavid is the lead pastor ofRobinwood Church, a consultant to pastors nationwide, and the author of The Blackberry Bush, a spiritual treasure hunt and Light Your Church on Fire Without Burning it Down.

He has been married since 1982 to Wendy, and has been the father of Lars since 1988. He was a Fulbright Scholar in Germany, and is an enthusiast for family values and a free society. He surfs too much on his home break in Huntington Beach, California, has two cats in the yard, and loves studying Hebrew and other classical languages.

Wendy Housholder

wendyAs the Blackberry Bush Conductor, Wendy oversees the training and support of the lay leaders (we call them Captains) who are leading the course, in churches all over the country.  She is happy to help and advise Captains with any of their questions as they run the course from start to finish.

Wendy is also the Captain of the Blackberry Bush Course at Robinwood Church, as well as leading a women’s Bible study group there. She is passionate about connecting people with one another and making sure everyone feels loved and accepted. She has been married to the creator of the Blackberry Bush Course, David Housholder, for 30 years, and they have one son Lars, who is in college. They live in California, and absolutely love it there.