Here’s a rundown of how you lead a BlackberryBush course…

Schedule dates and times

Schedule your Course & Save Your Info

Through your Course Dashboard, record and save date, time, and location information about your course.

Register Guides and Guests

Enroll Your Guides and Guests

In the Course Dashboard, add your guides and guest to your roster. Guides are the table leaders who will facilitate the discussions. Guests are everyone else.

email system

We’ll Keep Your Roster in the Loop.

Our communications system does the work for you. We’ll email out reminders about upcoming sessions with times and dates.


Get Trained

Our training series is the most valuable part of the BlackberryBush! We deliver expert leadership and active listening instruction to your Captain (course leader) and Guides (table leaders).


Set Up the Videos

We optimized videos for each session to play on computers, tablets, and smartphones. With the right adapters you’ll be able to run our videos through projectors and TVs. Your  church’s techie or local Radio Shack should get you hooked up!


Host the Session

Run the course with your Guests at tables, not rows, each with a Guide. Run the videos and let the discussions fly! Each session has three 10-minute videos with space for discussion after each. Run all three or focus on just one video—whatever works for your group.